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Yes, you heard me right, I want you to donate money to me and then like this page, twitter, it, facebook it, google+ it, whatever, so I can get more people to give me money so I can become rich? Why would you donate money to me? Well, I remember some idiotic college girl several years ago who spent her tuition tuition money on posh clothes and then asked internet users for over $22,000 and got it to fund her tuition(or more likely, she just bought more posh clothes with it). I also remember many people bidding over $10,000 over a potato chip that someone claimed to have the face of George Washington or something on it. Thousands of people also spent millions of dollars buying pet rocks and accessories. So if people are going to spend their money on that crap, why not:

Give it to me instead?!


Thats right, think about it. Would you rather give some money now and then recieve some nasty, moldy potato chip or a crappy rock in the mailbox a few days later or would you rather just give the money to me and not recieve nasty junk in your mailbox at all?

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If you are wondering if I am fundraising for a worthy cause, the answer is NO. That is unless you consider me wanting to be a rich fatcat a worthy cause, which it most certainly is. I will not be using this money to feed hungry children, to build schools, or to fund scientific research, I will possibly use it to buy a porsche, put a downpayment on a large House, or build a pyramid of solid gold just to display my awesomeness. Actually what I do with your money after you give it to me is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

What do you get from this?

Absolutely Nothing. You will not even get a thank you e-mail from me!

But it is better use of cash than buying a pet rock or buying some moldy potato chip on E-bay.

So what are you waiting for? Give me your hard-earned cash now! I demand it! The paypal donate button below is actually real, if you enter an amount and press it, I will not give a refund no matter how much you beg.

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